Welcome to U*B*Sweet!

At U*B*Sweet, we’re all about two of life’s great pleasures:  chocolate and popcorn.

It all begins with our mouth-watering selection of
- exquisite hand-made chocolates
- double dipped chocolate pretzels
- chocolate truffles
- nutty turtles
- chocolate-covered graham crackers
- Oreo® cookies
- marzipan
and more.
filled with:
- the richest mousses
- a hint of the finest liqueurs (Grand Marnier, brandy, crème de menthe,
   Amaretto, Irish cream, Black Forest and more)
-  almonds, walnuts cashews
- jellies
- butter crunch
- honeycombs
- chewy caramels
- marshmallows
- nougat
- coconut dainties
- maple walnut cream
and more.

All are lusciously enrobed in either dark/milk or white chocolate. You’ll find something for everyone, and especially for those with the most discriminating palates.  Take a look at our offerings on our Chocolate page.
At U*B Sweet, we not only prepare mouth watering chocolate/popcorn concoctions, we design them in breathtaking fashion.  Would you like a chocolate/popcorn birthday cake?  Done! How about a baseball, or an Easter egg, or a bridal doll, or …well, you tell us!  We live to customize.  We will work with you to come up with the perfect selection.

We can create gift baskets, cakes, pies, cupcakes, and boxed and bagged favors in any theme – sports, holidays, religious, bridal, special occasion.  Our pies and cakes can be made sugar-free.  Our custom-made creations are priced by weight.  Take a look at our offerings on our Popcorn page.

Packaging and the Personal Touch
We take special pride in our packaging. As a custom-order shop, we insist on speaking with every customer to ensure that, inside and out, your gift and card will perfectly reflect the mood of the occasion or event. This is not a "shrink-wrap operation". Everything we do reflects the personal touch; from the preparation of our signature baskets and giftware to the exquisite ribboned adornment that announces their arrival.
U*B*Sweet caters to fulfillment houses, the corporate sector, party/event planners, and the general public.  We ship everywhere and we also can hand-deliver throughout the tri-state area of New York New Jersey and Connecticut.  All our products are certified kosher. 
Please contact us today to discuss your chocolate and giftware needs.  Come to U*B* Sweet and “you be” the judge of our ability to please both you and your gift recipients.